(Photo by Deirdre Maguire)

Dormitories is the moniker for 18-year-old Nick Bendzsa, born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Through writing and experimentation, Dormitories developed into an exciting medium for his personal expression. Nick brought his music to a four piece synth based band, which premiered at Lawnya Vawnya 2017.

Dormitories has been playing shows around St. John’s since May, gaining momentum with its blend of disco and bedroom pop, sharing the stage with local acts such as Soap Opera, Green and Gold and Bleu. Dormitories earned the runner up position for ‘Best New Band in Newfoundland’ in the Overcast Newspaper’s 2017 “Peoples Choice Awards”.

Nick released his first single, “Play Doh” on January 5th, 2018, which rapidly gained over 15000 plays on various streaming devices.